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TINTO® color industrial coatings for steel and wood

Tinto color coatings are intended for decoration, preparation and protection of metal and wooden surfaces in the interior and exterior from the effects of corrosion, mechanical, atmospheric and chemical influences.
The choice of the appropriate primer and top coating is crucial for the functioning of the protection system. Incompatible primer or top coating can compromise the adhesion and expansion of the intumescent coating and thus disrupt or completely prevent the functioning of the entire protection system.
A primer is the foundation on which the fire protection system is built and therefore has to be reliable and safe. Primers prepare the surface for the next layers of coatings, provide anti-corrosion protection, enable the application of water-soluble intumescent coatings on metal, and reduce the consumption of intumescent coatings for wood and the like.
The top coating is the third link in the system. It is used for painting, decoration and protection of surfaces and previous layers of coatings in the system.
Our solutions in the choice of primers and top coatings TINTO® color PRIMTEC and CENTURION series meet all the necessary requirements in terms of protection and decorative coatings and provide full compatibility with intumescent coatings.

PRIMTEC steel and 2K

One-component and two-component primers for anti-corrosion protection of steel and galvanized building structures, industrial machines and other metal elements exposed to atmospheric, mechanical and chemical influences. In the FIRESTOP protection system, they are used as primers that are applied to metal surfaces before expanding coatings FIRESTOP steel X-MART 110 and 111.
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Water-soluble primers for wood preparation and impregnation. In the FIRESTOP protection system, it is used as a primer that is applied to wooden surfaces before expanding coatings FIRESTOP wood and X-MART CC.
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One-component and two-component top coatings for permanent protection and decoration of metal and wooden surfaces in the interior and exterior. In the FIRESTOP protection system, they are applied as a final paint over expanding FIRESTOP coatings.
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