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The company of FIRESTOP INTERNATIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA, 20 Gavrila Principa Street, Nova Pazova, Company registration number: 20921331, TIN: 108042613 (hereinafter: the Company), informs the visitors to the website (hereinafter: webpage or website) that the visit is anonymous, but that there is a possibility of collecting personal data of users that would enable the identification of the same (such as name and surname, e-mail address), as well as the users of the website who give their personal data, or give consent to data processing; the Company  informs that the same data will be processed in accordance with the rules set out below and the provisions of the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

Rulebook on Personal Data Protection  

on the website:

Article 1
The company of FIRESTOP INTERNATIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA, 20 Gavrila Principa Street, Nova Pazova, Company registration number: 20921331, TIN: 108042613 (hereinafter: the Operator) undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of personal data related to the use of services, and the secrecy of user communication on the FIRESTOP INTERNATIONAL website for advertising their products and services, i.e. the internet platform it controls, which is located at the internet address, (hereinafter: webpage or website) in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The Operator processes personal data to the extent necessary to fulfil the purpose of processing, and they are kept for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose, unless the law obliges the Operator to continue to retain them.

The Operator will protect the confidentiality of the data by taking appropriate organizational, technical and personnel measures to ensure the security of the data and to protect them from any accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, misuse, prohibited disclosure or access and any other form of unlawful processing.

The Operator will not be held responsible for the violation of the right to privacy and security of users committed by third parties via the Internet.

The Operator will immediately report any violation of the right to privacy and security of users to the competent state authorities.

Article 2
The Operator will process the necessary data of those persons who give consent for processing for a clearly defined purpose for which consent will have been given, in a manner permitted by law so that the data subject is not identified or identifiable even after the purpose of processing is achieved, and in proportion to the purpose of processing.

The data being processed must be true and complete, as well as be based on a credible source, i.e. a source that is not outdated.

Article 3
Prior to data collection, the Operator will inform the data subject of the following:

that the person responsible for data collection is the Operator;

that the purpose of data collection and processing is to enable the smooth functioning of the website, the safety of website users and to provide information about the products and services of the Operator, as well as promotional notices;

that the collected data are used in a way that enables the identification of the persons to whom they refer, and in accordance with good business practices, keeping business secrets and by the law;

that the persons who use the data are those persons who are employed by the Operator who have been authorized to use the data, persons with whom the user may enter into a legal relationship in connection with the use of products and services informed on the website (to the extent necessary to achieve that relationship), as well as all state bodies that exercise the right to use data on the basis of law and/or court decision;

that the provision of personal data is voluntary, and that no one who does not want to be a user of the Operator's site is obliged to leave any data;

that the person who gave consent to the collection and processing of data may, at any time and without explanation, withdraw their consent, which as a legal consequence produces termination of use of the website, maturity of all outstanding obligations arising during the user relationship, and thus terminates any further collection and processing of data from the person who withdrew the consent;

that in case of unauthorized processing, such persons have the right to the protection of personal data, as well as other rights that belong to them by law.

The data collected for the above purposes are: first name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and IP address of each individual access to the Internet platform.

Article 4

The Operator is not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered or submitted to the Operator by other persons, as well as for the result of any data processing that had such data as the subject.

Article 5

The Operator will respect the privacy of the website users.

The Operator will not disclose data from the registration process, and other data about the user to third parties, except for the purpose and under the conditions specified in this Rulebook and in the case when it is explicitly prescribed by law.

Article 6

The Operator may, in accordance with the law, collect certain data on visits obtained during the use of the website.

These data can be used by the Operator in order to have information with which to improve their website, and especially the website content to further direct and adapt to visitors and users.

Article 7

In order to protect their rights as a data subject, the user may at any time contact the Data Protection Officer at:

Article 8

As a person whose data have been collected and processed by the Operator, the user is entitled to the following:

The right of access means that the user can obtain information on whether their personal data are processed and, if so, permission to access their personal data and obtain information such as: purpose of processing, types of personal data, data recipients, retention period, etc.

When personal data are transferred to another country or international organization, the user has the right to be informed of the protection measures related to the transfer.

At the request of a user, the correction of incorrect or incomplete personal data will be performed.

At the request of a user, personal data will be deleted if the conditions provided by the Law are met.

Personal data cannot be deleted if the obligation to process them is prescribed by law or the processing is mandatory for reasons of protection of the public interest or is necessary for initiating, submitting or defending a legal claim.

At the request of a user, the processing of personal data will be limited if any of the conditions provided by the Law are met.

At any time, a user may object to the processing of personal data based on a legitimate interest or which is necessary for the purpose of performing activities in the public interest or exercising statutory powers, after which the Operator will suspend further processing of such data, unless there is a legal basis for processing that prevails over user interests or freedoms or if the processing is performed for the purpose of initiating, filing or defending against a legal claim.

If a user considers that the processing of their personal data is carried out contrary to the provisions of the Law or other applicable regulations, they may file a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection. If they are not satisfied with the decision of the Commissioner, they may file an administrative dispute against it with a lawsuit within 30 days of receiving the decision. Filing a lawsuit in an administrative dispute does not affect the right to initiate other administrative or judicial protection proceedings.

Article 9

The user undertakes to ensure security, data integrity and access rights to resources within their own computer network connected to the Internet.

In Nova Pazova, on October 1st 2020

Access to this Internet webpage and data, contained within it, is subject to the following terms of use:

All information available on this website is for informational purposes only, and cannot be used for commercial purposes or for distribution to third parties.

The information that the company of FIRESTOP INTERNACIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA publishes on this Internet presentation is considered accurate and reliable at the time of the entry. The company of FIRESTOP INTERNACIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA may at any time, without prior notice, update the existing or add new information on this website.

You agree to use the website of the company of FIRESTOP INTERNACIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA at your own risk. FIRESTOP INTERNACIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA is not responsible for any damage or loss of information that may occur when using the website of FIRESTOP INTERNACIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA or services and software found on this website.

Unauthorized reproduction, public display or distribution of the content of the website in any way is prohibited.

The company of FIRESTOP INTERNATIONAL DOO NOVA PAZOVA reserves the right to change this notice. All changes will be posted on the website. Users need to periodically check for any changes to this notice in order to be informed of any changes in a timely manner.

The owner of the website reserves the right to change the Terms of Use without prior notice.

Any changes to the terms of use will be announced in a timely manner. The users will be notified of important changes and amendments to the Terms of Use by publishing them on the website.

- Use of cookies

Some parts of the website use cookies. A cookie is a text file that is stored locally on a user's computer, tablet or mobile phone and that enables the identification of the user who has returned to the website, in order to monitor and analyse visits to the website in order to optimize the website. The website uses cookies to remember what the user has been doing on it for a certain period of time and what the desired options are.

In addition, cookies help the Website Owner to analyse how a user uses the website and whether they encounter obstacles during the navigation. They also help tailor online ads and offers to the interests and needs of the users.


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