Wood is a natural and traditionally very common material in construction. Unprotected wood is a flammable material, which in case of fire leads to low fire resistance of building elements. The application of expanding coatings for fire protection of wood is reflected in lowering the temperature of structures and their insulation with carbon foam, which increases fire resistance.

FIRESTOP expanding coatings that increase the overall fire resistance of wooden elements also work in the described way, unlike other types of protective coatings that reduce only the flammability class of wood. The application of intumescent coatings is most pronounced in the phase of fully developed fire when the load-bearing capacity of wooden elements is protected in a certain time interval.
Fire development diagram, building material reactions and fire resistance of building structures

We offer two systems for fire protection of wood



FIRESTOP intumescent coatings are made of quality water-based raw materials and meet high environmental requirements, while providing wood with effective protection. In addition to exceptional fire performance, they are also characterized by simple application, economy and durability of protection.

Intumescent coatings are used in combination with appropriate primers and top coatings for additional protection from atmospheric, mechanical and other influences and due to the decorativeness of the treated elements. The choice of system, i.e. the need to use primers and top coatings depends on the purpose of the wooden elements, the aesthetic requirements of the project, the influence of atmospheric conditions and the like.

For example, fire protection of load-bearing elements of the roof structure can be achieved only by using FIRESTOP wood coating, because during application and use the coating is protected from precipitation by roof panels or tiles, and white paint is acceptable as an aesthetic requirement for the final appearance of the structure. In other cases, when it is necessary to protect the wood from insects, fungi, moisture, precipitation, wear and similar influences, or it is desired to achieve the appearance of the construction in colour, it is necessary to use appropriate primers and top varnishes in addition to intumescent coatings. Also, by using the transparent FIRESTOP X-MART CC wood coating, the wood retains its visible natural colour and structure, and in addition to fire protection, additional decorativeness is achieved in the form of a glossy film. To protect it from wear and moisture, be sure to use a colourless top varnish.

In any case, our Technical Sector will recommend the most suitable protection system according to the requirements of the project.

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