In addition to the use of intumescent coatings to preserve the stability, load-bearing capacity and increase the fire resistance of building structures, an important segment of passive fire protection are systems for insulating the breaches of cable and pipe installations.

The development of technology has resulted in the presence of a dense network of power and signal cables in modern buildings. Despite the insulation that is an integral part of them and which usually makes them a material of low flammability, cables in case of fire significantly contribute to the overall fire load because they can transmit fire from one part of the building to another through breaches in walls and ceilings. Expanding coatings are also used in these cases, as a component of protective insulation systems that prevent the spread of heat, fire and smoke through the breaches of cables and pipes and preserve their functionality.

Our solution in this area is the FIRESTOP CF 120 coating which is used in combination with hard pressed stone wool boards forming an insulating system to seal the breaches and prevent the spread of fire. It is similar in composition to intumescent coatings for the protection of building structures, but has a smaller expansion factor. The mechanism of action due to fire is reflected in the formation of insulating carbon foam, which in combination with other elements of the system serves as a fire barrier on cables and pipes for a certain period of time.

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