FIRESTOP Internacional is a representative of PERLIFOC fireproff mortars from the renowned Spanish
manufacturer Perlita y Vermiculita S.L.U. – A Divsion of Carboline on the market of Serbia and ex YU region.

Another system for passive fire protection are fire-retardant mortars. Similar to intumescent coatings, the protection efficiency depends on the thickness of the applied layer.


PERLIFOC HP (High Performance) belongs to the latest generation of gypsum-based fireproof mortars. Developed by special formulation it is composed of hydraulic binders, expanded lightweight aggregates, setting retardants and additives to improve its mechanical application. It is recommended for the protection of structural steel elements, concrete and composite slab structures, segmented elements, etc. It does not contain harmful substances or asbestos.

It is certified and tested in accordance with European harmonized standards for fire resistance up to 240 min and Serbian standards up to 180 min, with exceptional performance that sets it apart from competing products.

Certification according to European standards:
EN 13381-3 - concrete structures
EN 13381-4 - steel structures
EN 13381-5 - concrete/profiled composite sheet metal elements
EN 1364-1 - wall partition system
CE marking, ETA 18/0672, VOC's i and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

It is applied by specially designed compressor spraying machines with automatic mixing that enable mortar consistency and homogeneity. The final appearance is rough. If necessary it can be smoothed and coated with top coatings. The installation of mesh is not required, and it is recommended in special cases for strengthening or adhesion improving.


High efficiency and reduced consumption compared to competing products

An ideal solution for projects with the extended fire resistance time

Excellent physical and chemical properties

It does not contain harmful substances and asbestos

Simple machine application

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