"A leader is someone who is continuously authentic and professional, someone who never rests on their laurels."

Branislav Stanisavljević, CEO

Security, quality, trust

FIRESTOP Internacional is a leader in the production of expanding intumescent coatings, anti-corrosion primers and top coatings for the protection of steel and wood for professional use. With its top quality and expertise, the FIRESTOP brand has secured a leading position in the market of Serbia and the region and has become synonymous with safety.

FIRESTOP Internacional is a brand whose qualities directly contribute to the safety and preservation of property. That is why it is dedicated to the rules of the profession and its development in every business segment.

The principles we have nurtured in the company since its inception are quality, high performance and integrity, because we know that it is important not only to set high criteria, but to constantly maintain them at that level. We have always been committed to continuous improvement and innovation, as well as to providing the best customer service. The position of a leader came as a natural consequence of this type of business.

Expertise Above All

We are proud of the potential our employees have and their commitment to the company. That is the reason why we are constantly investing in professional staff and we try to provide all our employees with the environment that allows them to achieve the best results. Our engineers invest a significant part of their resources and time in educating and informing customers about products and their use. Consequently, we are able to provide the best customer service in every business segment and to accompany every project from start to finish through technical and logistical support.

Advancing Through Innovation

With investment in professional staff, modernization of the production process and quality control system in the new laboratory with a test furnace, FIRESTOP Internacional continues the permanent development and improvement of FIRESTOP coatings in accordance with modern trends in material production, new technological achievements, environmental requirements and market needs. By setting new boundaries in the field of fire and corrosion protection, we will strive to continue successful business and provide customers with the best balance of quality and price.
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